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The Fasold Family

Annie & Adda Fasold - ca. 1900Adda Rebecca Fasold was born 29 January 1877 in Plum Creek (Sunbury), Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. This photo of her  taken with her sister Annie  was taken around the turn of the century (1900). (Annie is on the left, Adda on the right.) The original photo is a tintype. The picture is a good example of fashion at that time.

Adda married Atwood Isaac Sober 16 September 1902. They had five children, including my grandmother, Emily I. Sober.

The information I have on the Fasold family dates back to the 1760s with the birth of Valentine Fasold in Baden, Germany. He immigrated to the US in 1781 at the age of 16. The information I have on this family has not been substantiated with primary sources yet, however, I vow to do this eventually...genealogy is a never-ending hobby!

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