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The Fasold Family Photo Album

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Fasold Girls Fasold Girls (1890s)
(back) Irene
(front)Mary, Emily, Anna, Adda, Ella

Fasold Girls

Fasold Girls (circa 1900)
(back row)Adda, Mary, Ella,
(front row)Annie, Emily, Irene
Fasold Women Fasold Women (same girls as above---as women)
(left-right) Irene, Mary, Adda, Ella, Annie, Emily
daniel_horatio.jpg (27444 bytes) Is this Daniel Horatio Fasold?????


t_1937_reunion.jpg (1970 bytes) Family Group Photo - 1937 Family Reunion
t_1940_reunion.jpg (2189 bytes) Fasold Sisters @ the 1940 Family Reunion
t_1959_picnic.jpg (2689 bytes) Fasold Picnic - 1959
t_1963_reunion.jpg (1902 bytes) My Grandmother, Emily I. Sober, and I at the 1963 Fasold Family Reunion
More photos to come soon!