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People who have websites and are
Researching the same families as I
(Common surnames are in bold green type.)
Matt Thompson Researching Sober, Thompson, Franck, Fortney, Thornton, Snow, Leake, Blackburn, Adams, Hughes, Jordan, Davenport, Marsh, Tucker, Reed, Martz, Walden, Krigbaum, Startzel, and Droscher
Robin Evert Researching Adams, Chadwick, Cherry, Cooper, Drake, Fox, Foy, Heffner, Hummel, Jackson, Kingery, Moore, Murphy, Rea, Scholefield, Sober, Whooten, Williams, Wolverton, Zuern
If you have a genealogy website and are researching the same families as I, send me an email, so I can add your link!