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Cemetery Photos
Photos of Headstones, Cemetery Markers, Cemeteries and Churches

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Antioch Baptist Church
Rhoadesville, VA, USA
Haney, Curtis N. & Christine S.

Baglan Church
Baglan, Glamorgan, Wales
John, Rees
John, Susan & James, Elizabeth
Many thanks to Allen in Aberavon, Glamorgan, Wales, for taking the time to search for my ancestors and photographing their headstones and Baglan Church!!

Bethel United Methodist Church
Rochelle, Madison Co., VA, USA
Haney, George E. & Carrie B. Gooding

Christ (Roth's) Church Cemetery
Spring Grove, York Co., PA, USA
Lauchman, Grace Sober
Lauchman, Roy T,
Sober, Adda Fasold & Atwood Isaac
Sober, Athey H.

East Harrisburg Cemetery
2260 Herr St., Harrisburg, PA
(NOTE: Currently, I am not aware of the relationship of the following people at this cemetery to our family.)
LaRue, Peter W.

Larue, Russel
Larue, Ruth

La Rue, William, Mary A., Phebe & Anna M.

Lerew, Charles W.
(next to Lydia Mader Lerew)
Lerew, Edgar B. & Leonora M.
Lerew, Esther Neidig

Lerew, Harry M.
Lerew, Lizzie Darr

Lerew, Lydia Mader

Kichman, Fred, Carrie, Lincoln & Richard
Kichman, Carrie
Smithers, John R.

Smithers, John R. & Anna M.

First Parish Burying Ground
Newbury, MA, USA
Coffin, Lucy
Coffin, Joshua
Coffin, Tristram
Sewell, Henry
Toppan, Christpher
Woodbridge, Rev. John

Grand Army Cemetery
Summit Hill, PA, USA
Johns, Anna
Johns, John
Johns, Lily Woodbridge
Johns, Rees
Willing, Benjamin, Amelia & Sarah A.

Willing, Evan G. & Catharine
Willing, Richard W. & Mitchell, John T.
Willing, Thomas G. & Margaret W.

Irish Valley United Methodist Cemetery
Northumberland Co., PA, USA
Furman, John
Furman, Ann H. Ritchie
Schrader, Lillie B. Sober & Charles

Smith, Florence A. Sober &  Grant U.
Sober, Isaac J. & Abagail Furman
Sober, John F. & Emma I. Jenkins

Mt. Nebo Lutheran Church
Rochelle, Madison Co., VA, USA
Hale, James (Fred) & Nonie Haney
Hale, Virginia L. & Thelma F.
Haney, Claude C. & Clara Hale

Haney, Roy J. & Bertha Hale

Oddfellows Cemetery
Tamaqua, Carbon Co., PA, USA
Brimble, Arthur J. (died 1897)
Brimble, Arthur (died 1968)
Brimble, David J. & Leah Willing

Philadelphia Memorial Park
Frazer, Chester Co., PA USA
Gorman, Vincent J.
Haney, Delmar S. & Emily I. Sober

Plum Creek Lutheran Cemetery (a.k.a. Eden Evangelical)
Sunbury, Northumberland Co., PA, USA
Fasold M.D., Alice Margaret
Fasold, Allen Curtis

Fasold, Daniel Horatio
Fasold, Evelyn Rhoades (John G's wife)
Fasold, George & Mary Kreiger
Fasold, George F.
Fasold, John George
Fasold, Sarah

Fasold, Solomon W. (2nd Marker)
Fausold, Jonathan & Catherine
Fausold, Catharine (died 1905)
Kreiger, Christian
Krigbaum, Catharine
Krigbaum, Jonathan

Prospect Hill Cemetery
Penbrook (Harrisburg), PA, USA
Kichman, Anna E.
Lerew, Ester M.
Lerew, Hiram A.
Lerew, Lester K.
Lerew, Lillian M.
Lerew Marker (behind Ester,  Hiram, Lester & Lillian's stones)

(NOTE: At this point, I am not sure of the relationship, if any, of the following people buried at this cemetery to our family.)
Kichman, Edith
Kichman, George & Helena
Kichman, John S.

Skyview Memorial Park
Hometown, PA, USA
Brimble, Richard W.
Sharpe, Kieran J. & Margaret W. Brimble

Summit Cemetery
Irish Valley (Sunbury), Northumberland Co., PA, USA
Map showing location of cemetery
Riche, Moses
Richie, Rebecca

Sober, Albert, Martin & Sarah Ann
Sober, Clara
Sober, Emma & Hudson
Sober, George & Cora
Sober, Maria
Sober, Mary (Foy)
Inscription reads, "Our loss on Earth,
Its pain its sorrow and its toil to share
One less the pilgrim's daily cross to bear
One more the crown of the blessed to wear
At home in heaven"

Sober, Michael M.
Sober, Oswell & Hudson
Sober, Rhoda
Sober, Salathiel
Inscription reads, "Fell at the battle of Fair Oaks, Va by a wound received from the enemy May 31, 1862 and died in two and a half hours after receiving the fatal wound. Aged 20 years 1 mo 15 days"
Sober, Wilson

Valley Forge Memorial Gardens
King of Prussia, Montgomery Co., PA, USA
Brimble, David & Lucy B. John(s)
Mason, Anna Elizabeth John(s)

Zion's Lutheran Reformed Church Cemetery
Augustaville, Northumberland Co., PA, USA
Fasold, Valentine
Inscription reads, "Hier Ruhet Valentine Fasold
gebornin Den 6 October, 1765, und starb
den 16 Novemb 1824, Alt 59 yahr 1 Mon 10 Tag. Huffunung im Jasu"
Fasold, Catharine B. Schriber

Hallowell, ME Woodbridge, Thomas (Sr.)